Ally Serves You

At Ally Property Management, Inc., our management views resident selection as our most important function. You benefit from residents who have been carefully screened through the Member Regional Credit Association and ownership records of all surrounding counties. Each resident must complete a detailed application and meet minimum income requirements, rental or ownership history, and credit requirements.

We provide:
  • All reports come with the original bills documenting all work.
  • We show vacancies on weekends.
  • Our signs generate over 25% of our rental calls at no cost to you.
  • You never pay extra to have us pay your recurring bills.
  • No extra cost to have notices served to your residents.
  • We bill & collect money for repairs that the resident is responsible to pay for.
  • On the 20th of each month we mail your rent proceeds and accounting.
  • All rental applicants are carefully screened according to requirements stated on back of Rental Application.
  • The above mentioned screening requirements can be viewed by going to Documents and viewing the Rental Application.
  • Our General contractor is on call 7 days a week for emergencies.
  • We provide you and your tenants with a personal touch!

We use systematic procedures and quantify the differences between move-in and move-out conditions so that charges can be made in an equitable manner

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing the paperwork is being handled. Our totally computerized accounting and reporting system itemizes all expenses, complies with IRS regulations, and manages bill paying and record keeping.

Our reliable and reasonable contractors, 24 hour emergency service for residents, and regular inspections keep your costs down, your residents happy and your evenings undisturbed.

We also invest in keeping up to date with changes in our industry, including federal, state and local government regulations, such as the new disclosure requirements on Lead.

Housing Advisor (Winter 1996, Vol. II No. I) says: "Fair housing problems stem from ignorance of the law as much as from bigotry."

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